Event Videography & Photography Services

Firelight provides essential business videography services such as interviews, filming at conventions, seminars, and keynote speeches. We’ve created a few packages for these types of events. Raw footage is delivered through digital delivery service. Once we consult you on the full scope of your project we can give you the most accurate price possible*. We will recommend the best setup for your particular project!s.

Camera 1 .jpg

Highlight Package- Solo Videographer - 4K Footage


  • Capture corporate event highlights, man-on-the-street interviews, and short presentations with a solo videographer.

  • Great for simple setups!

  • Affordable, professional and creative videography.

  • Editing services, additional crew and equipment are available, please inquire for a custom quote..

Camera 2.jpg

Multi-Cam Package 2 Videographers - 3 Cameras - 4k - Pro Audio.


  • Keynote speeches, seminars, and workshops are captured from 3 different camera angles by a two-man crew

  • Pro audio recorders are used to record house A/V systems for crisp audio.

  • Great for multi-camera shoots.

  • Editing services, additional crew and equipment are available, please inquire for a custom quote.

Camera 3.jpg

Full Crew Package 3 Videographers - 4 Cameras - 4k Pro Audio + Lighting

$349/ hour

  • Get video highlights, capture sit-down interviews, round table discussions, and presentations with a full, 3-man crew.

  • Ideal for complex setups and advanced multi-camera shoots.

  • Larger lighting and audio equipment kits are included with this crew size.

  • Editing, extra crew and equipment are available. Inquire for a custom quote.

What We Offer

Complete Coverage

We offer a complete range of videography services for businesses and other organizations. From solo videographers to multiple crews, we capture every kind of live event.

Top-of-the-Line Equipment

We offer Sony Brand Cinema Cameras that film in resolutions from 1920x1080HD up to 4096x2160 4K resolution. They are known for exceptional quality, optimal sharpness, and enhanced details in the shadows and highlights

Editing Services Available

You may need professionally captured raw footage only. For those who require editing, “same-day” edits, and other post production services contact us today for a custom quote.

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